Things People Did In The 70’s

April 22nd, 2014 by

1911657_714807675206534_1437292946_nWith our Disco Bike Night coming up this Thursday, we thought it’d be fun to ask people around the dealership what they did for fun in the 70’s. The stereotype is that all things were groovy, almost everyone had an afro, and people still listened to records.

Steven the tech. had fun swimming, camping, and doing stupid kid stuff. He said he was good, most of the time. LOL Justin in Service jammed out to David Bowie and was still riding on the back of his dad’s motorcycle. He aslo said everyone in the family had a different colored rat tail – mom’s was pink, dad’s was blue, and his was purple!

Joe from Parts wasn’t married until ’78, and before that he was haulin kegs up into the mountains to party with his friends. Rotten Jack says Red Rocks hasn’t changed a bit since the 70’s! Jack liked to water ski, chill out at bonfires, and says streaking was still in!

Fit Specialist Big Erv graduated high school, went to college, and spent his days tubing down the Sacramento River! Johnnie B. rode his ’72 Sporty from Colorado all the way to Vegas – during the gas crisis even! He said he ran out of gas on his way back, just after Georgetown – but don’t ask us how he made it home! He wouldn’t spill the beans!

A few of the other guys in the Motorcycle Dept. were just born around then, and say all they really remember is watching Saturday Night Fever starring John Travolta in the theatres.

-Man! I feel like I totally missed out by not being born until the 90’s! What else rocked in the 70’s?

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