Staying Thankful!

November 29th, 2014 by

2016 Roadster guageWe all know that life can throw unexpected obstacles our way, however, with support from family and friends, we find it in us to keep moving forward! We went around the dealership to ask some of our employees what they’re thankful for this holiday, and here’s what they had to say:

Johnnie B. (FIT Specialist) – “For the health and happiness of my family, and getting to spend the day with them!”

Justin (Assistant Service Manager) – “Beaver – without him we wouldn’t have Walley”

Todd (FIT Specialist) – “Too much to list – for my girlfriend Jessica, my job, and all of my customers!”

Sophia (Event Coordinator) – “For all of my friends and family and awesome memories we’ve made!”

Sid (Service Writer) – “For baby mustache pacifiers”

Roger (Parts Manager) – “For all of the staff being so welcoming when I came from Las Vegas, and all of the relationships I’ve  built since I got here.”

Dwight (Service Writer) – “that I’m still alive”

John (Service Technician) – “To be able to spend the day with my daughter and girlfriend”

Burke (Technician Assistant) – “For all of my friends and family”

Hutch (FIT Specialist) – “To know wonderful people, my kids, and to have a job I really enjoy!”

Kreepy (Technician Assistant) – “Family, friends, and waterparks!”

Amanda (Motorcycle Dept. Assistant) – “Family and friends that love me”

Harry (GSM) – “For my family’s health”

Dustin (FIT Specialist) – “For the friends that took me in when I moved here!”

Mac (MotorClothes Cashier) – “For my family and my health.”

Tom (Business Manager) – “For my family and the GREATEST rock n’ roll band ever (PHISH) to keep kickin’ musical butt!”

Dea (MotorClothes Cashier) – “For my family and music!”

Shaun (CSC) – “For my new life and friends in Denver!”

Lauren (MotorClothes Manager) – “EVERYTHING!!”

What did everyone do for the holiday? We’d love to know what you all are thankful for!!

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