May Is Motorcycle Awareness Month

May 10th, 2015 by

16-hd-electra-glide-ultra-classic-low-9-largeIt’s that time of the year folks! Riders are heading out on their bikes to hit the open road and see the world! In honor of Motorcycle Awareness Month, we’d like to give y’all a few tips on how to look out for motorcyclists, and how to be seen better when you’re out riding!

“Check your blind spot!” -We’ve all heard it before, and we know why we should do it! That biker could be your buddy, or family member. Whether you’re in a car, or on a bike, ALWAYS check your blind spot before making a lane change. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to check twice!

Wear gear that makes you as visible as possible! Our MotorClothes Dept. is full of fashionable riding gear, however, there’s a lot of thought put into making the designs super functional! Bright colors help riders to stand out on the road, but we know how important leathers are. With reflective material on your jackets, riding at night becomes less dangerous because your visibility is significantly improved.

Ever hear the saying, “Loud pipes save lives” ? Well, those loud pipes aren’t just to wake everyone and their grandmas up. With radios blaring, bass bumping, and chatter from the passengers going on in the car, it’s obvious that drivers may become distracted. Stop into our Service and Parts Depts. to find out how you can upgrade your pipes and engine to be loud and make people hear you for miles!

Some of our guys in the Service Dept. were recenlty talking about how they think the public could become more aware and courteous to riders out there. Luis says, “If everyone rode a bike, there wouldn’t be any accidents. Maybe, people should have to get their motorcycle endorsements first, before getting a license to drive a car. -Then, maybe they’ll understand from a rider’s perspective.”

What are your thoughts? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

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